The Ocean View Tour by R K Puma
Drifter (aka Ahab's) & Doc's
1985 Chesapeake & OV

The Aces
OV Aces

1920 thRONGS

Chesapeake St

Murden's Boyz
Murden's Gang [l-r] Tony Kiriluk, Ronnie Sykes, Injun, Tommy Tharp, Robert Newsome, Richard Curry, Cappy Puma
(thanks to Robert for correctly ID'ing all!)

 Missin' Oscar's
Lewter's Beach Today

Fisherman's At Chesapeake
Harbor Inn
& Bayview Pharmacy

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"Modern Bath Houses" and street cars (1920) brought crowds to Ocean View City Beach, it was really the best alternative before AC to cool off. Quit your squinting, that's OV Throngs (not thongs, silly). The Ocean View Recreation Center, now for seniors but once home to the Ocean View Aces/Junior Aces, youth athletic clubs among other civic sessions: take link for OV Aces pictures. Royal MaceEveryone called the beach in that 'hood "A&P Beach" due to the Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company's grocery there. It was the first home to the annual Ocean View Beach Festival(s). Incidentally, the old *Colonial Stores was where the post office resides on First View today. An e-mail reminded us that they had rooftop parking for awhile at the *Colonial. Oh yeah-- we remember that --but think it stopped long before we could experience it!

Nearby is the Royal Mace, developed by Jos. L. "Joe" Walker in the 60's and artist/dear friend Maggie (Peggy North / Annie Moon) Walker doing "Mace designing" on a huge board when we shared a place at 11th View. Great friend Barbara Gray Lawrence Oakes Sellew's originally had a ground floor view of the OV Golf Course then moved to a 9th floor Mace unit gave us acrophobia but we most remember how heartbroken when she could no longer see the OV Pier from her bayfront balcony. Other legendary RM residents have included Jimmy "Wolfman Jack" Lombard; and an English woman who stepped not onto Plymouth Rock but one of OV's most memorable landmarks: Jolly Roger, Joyce Varnadore also of EOV's Jean Joint.

A bank has gone up on the boulevard and the whole corner on her 'sister street', is up for grabs. Old days of watching the haul of fishnets behind George Demetriades' Doc's Pizza, later the Bannons, George Bougades (of Neptune's Galley and more) are memories; Drifter's Peggy & Bill Henderson was once Barry Johns' Ahab's, then Jimmy Nelson & Larkin Barnette had it for a time. By Harry's Grill, was Mattie's Confectionary where all the Murden's boys learned to play chess. In that neighborhood we also want to shout at Freddie the Pizza Chef crew. Of course, the Brinn's boys were likely learning to play pool in Lewter's at Oscar's Beach.

OV FestThe old Ocean View Festival in 1981, which then took place at Community Beach (old-timers still refer to it as "A&P" Beach ). The fests were wonderful then --before the "carny" atmosphere-- and moving to Granby's delta. The fare was provided by locals-- crab cakes, barbecues with slaw-- vendors were mostly OV neighbors, folks you know & love.

At Bayview & Tidewater Dr we see another Walgreen sprouting Bayview & Tidewater(see Drug Store Wars) but Stanley & his brother are long gone anyway, from Central's (Click to enlarge ==>). Do you remember when they also had a location on Cottage Toll Road approximately near the north end of Old Ocean View Road? We do. It was right next to Pop's Grocery. The little shopping corner would occasionally have a merry-go-round for kids --and give out minature Mary Jane Bread or Nolde's loaves-- sliced and all! In those days, Nolde's was Kotarides' (MJ Bakery family) biggest competitor for sliced bread. They'd advertise at little corner "Mom & Pop stores (their logo in color on the screens) on the top half of their double doors at the shop's entrance. Nolde's became Flowers Bakery (now Merita) baking a bread with "no holes". Another bit of trivia is that the same Kotarides family is now partnered in (the new) Blue Crab on Pretty Lake.

Generations have taken this next A Thrill A Second"leg" of the tour, many of us introduced to "Thrill Hill" (9th Bay ==>) as highschoolers; we don't do it justice here, but the 5 mph limit certainly does! One can only guess how many bets have been won or lost here. If all the renovation of the area threatens the hill, the planners are going to have one fight on their hands.

Helen Claire, cook for Harbor Inn tells of trying to take the hill in the 70's on her bike and "losing it" on Pleasant Avenue. While we nod the Harbor let's shout at Lenore, Sherry, Pam, Alvin, Donald (yes, we miss Connie at the drugstore & were amazed to learn your dad had a hobby shop there, next to "Jaffa's" department store in the 50's) Penny & John, Herb Porter, Staley Paul and uh, let's move on. Ciedlioli & ToneBoneThe Bayview Inn has had many "hands-changes" in recent years: recently becoming Paddy's Pub, when Joe Haskell took it over. It is now the new home of Rosy's.

The NRHA renewals at 17th Bay and beyond are most welcome. :::Sigh::: let's don't move too fast though, okay? Let's keep the View in Ocean View. We've not covered it by a longshot, because we're only halfway to Shore Drive. So much is happening up that way, we'd have to be here every two hours cluing you in. 

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