The Ocean View Tour by R K Puma
Golden Vacation Destinations

When you live on the beach, where do you go?
If you remember when sororities & fraternities had House Parties in Virginia Beach,
or had toured your northern relatives around all summer, then you'll remember some of these spots!

We remember Hurd's Restaurant at the Beach and note there's still a Hurd's Road there --
and the man requiring three chairs for his size, a checkered napkin tied at his neck. What fun!

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Lafayette River Golf 18kb
Lafayette River Golf

60s Hague Sailboats 25kb
60s Hague Sailboats

1957 Hacienda near Little Creek 22kb
1957 Hacienda

Hacienda, Little Creek 22kb
Hacienda by Little Creek

250 W Olney on Mowbray - Hickory Hall Restaurant! 26kb
250 W Olney -

Hickory Hall Restaurant

1941 Norfolk Diner 18kb
1941 Norfolk Diner

Carl Parkers in So. Norfolk 28kb
Carl Parker's/So. Norfolk

30's Atlantic Hotel Lobby, Nfk
30's Atlantic Hotel Lobby

1942 Main St 40kb
1942 Main St/Nfk

Downtown 25kb
50s Downtown

Black Angus, Little Crk Rd 27kb
Black Angus
/Little Crk Rd

Marrs Chicken on Virginia Bch Blvd
Marrs Chicken

Early Norfolk Hotel 28kb
Early Norfolk Hotel

Martys Lobster, VB
Marty's Lobster, VB

Nick's Seafood Pavilion, Yorktown 30kb
Nick's Seafood/Yorktown

1900s Stockley Gardens 27kb
1900s Stockley Gardens

1910 Stockley Gdns/Ghent
Stockley Gdns - Ghent

Botanical Gdns 28kb
Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens, Nfk
Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens, home of the Azalea Fest 30kb
Botanical Gardens -

near the Airport

HotelPrestonBoushCollegePl 22kb
Hotel Preston - Boush&CollegePl

1910 Layfayette Park 28kb
1910 Lafayette Park

vac60sNorvaLoewsMrDog.jpg 46kb
60s Norva, Loews, MrDog

NOB Pier 4 28kb
50's NOB Pier 4

50s Delmar, Nfk 50's Delmar Motel, Nfk

50's So Shore Motel 28kb
50's So Shore Motel

50's Neptunes Corner, VB 33kb
50's Neptunes Corner, VB

Oceanfront Cabanas 28kb
Cabanas - VA Beach

60's Tides VA Bch 28kb
60's Tides, VA Bch

50's Viking VB 28kb
50's Viking, VA Bch

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