The Ocean View Tour by R K Puma
The Jamestown Exposition of 1907 site
was a forerunner to our Naval Operations Base--
many buildings are still in use today.

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Jamestown Exposition, 1907
Jamestown Expo 1907


Pine Beach Hotel near Expo
Pine Beach Hotel near Expo (45kb)

Opening Day Parade
Opening Day Parade


Country Club, Norfolk
Country Club, Norfolk


President's Party
Teddy Roosevelt's Party


Powhatan Oak, Expo
Powhatan Oak, Expo


Lovers' Lane, Expo
Lovers' Lane, Expo


Government Building, Expo
Government Bldg, Expo


States' Exhibits at the Expo
States' Exhibits


Negro Building, Expo
Negro Building, Expo (42kb)

States' Buildings at the Expo
States' Buildings


Model School, Expo
Model School, Expo


Beauvoir, Expo
Beauvoir, Expo


Life Saving Station, Expo
Life Saving Station, Expo


1907 Regiments Parade
Regiments Parade, 1907


Food Products Bldg, Expo
Food Products Building


Georgia Day Crowds, Expo
Georgia Day Crowds


Georgia Day, Expo
Georgia Day, Expo


Kuroki Reviewing Marines
Kuroki Reviews Marines


Artillery at Expo
Artillery at Expo


Manufacturing & Liberal Arts Bldg, Expo
Liberal Arts


Copper, Silver & Wood - Expo
Copper, Silver & Wood


State Buildings on the waterfront
State Bldgs, Waterfront


Shady Drive, Expo
Shady Drive, Expo


Adminstration Bldg at Expo
Admin Bldg, Expo


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Why was the Jamestown Exposition held in Norfolk?

"In March 1905, the United States Congress passed an Act providing for an appropriate celebration of the three hundredth anniversary of the first English-speaking settlement in America, which was made at Jamestown, Virginia, May 13, 1607. When the nature of the exposition had been decided upon, President Roosevelt issued a proclamation inviting all the nations of the earth to participate.

The site chosen for the exposition grounds is exactly adapted to the significance of the occasion. It is a point on Hampton Roads which commands a fine view of the surrounding waters, and is about 30 miles down the James River from the city of Jamestown. In every direction, and within easy access from the grounds, are points of the greatest historical interest..."  --The Keystone View Company

Prominent visitors included: President Theodore Roosevelt (opened the expo and presided over the naval review); Samuel Gompers, Mark Twain and Booker T. Washington. The exposition wasn't considered a financial success, losing a few million dollars (big money for those times). However, the exposition buildings were acquired by the Navy when they purchased the land, and some are still in use today --so, in hindsight, it was an extraordinary investment!

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