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History in the Waking
After R K mentioned (see first paragraph below) the *sunken sub in Tidal Times (3/81), W. E. Robbins wrote TT: when he was six years old (in 1913) that he used to swim those waters, and was told that the vessel was a Spanish American torpedo boat*-- then, it had a "turtle back" which all of the children would jump from. Lt. John McGowan also wrote; remembering wading out to fish from the "turtle back".

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King Neptune
King Neptune
(Imaging by R K Puma
unless otherwise noted)

King Nep, before falling from grace
Tidal Times Ad - 1981

Captain Lane Briggs
Cap'n Lane & Best Friend

Little Bay Raft-Up

The Dixie
The Dixie

Nickel At Nite
Nickel at Nite: Harrison's

Little's Dugout
Coin shuffle board, anyone?

Thirsty Camel
Thirsty Camel

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Welcome to OV!CLICK! Sub Nets (13kb)Welcome OV "Surfers"! Ocean View is the jackpot if you want to spend endorphins, not cash. Approaching the "Spit" from the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, you get free, a spectacularly panoramic ride. Tolls were removed in 1976 (approximately at the completion of the second tunnel, providing two lanes eastbound). View the *sunken submarine carcass which lies amid the shallows behind what was Fisherman's Wharf, at low tide. It is said it was an enemy sub that made it through the nets during World War II*

NEP today. . .King Neptune was near the sub, guarding it from his latest digs: in what was the kiddie pool behind the ever-changing restaurant. He once sat proudly atop it overseeing tidal changes from 3 Chef's Inn, to Swain's, to King Neptune, to Neptune's Galley to one of his "last" earthy, relegation at Fisherman's Wharf. The restaurant was damaged by Isabel. In 2005, the property including the hotel and marina "Boatel" was purchased for development. Where is Nep NOW?

If you follow Willoughby Point where The Spectrum.went belly-up --there's still glorious sunrises at Sarah Constant Shrine and we hope there will always be a place to watch sunsets; when and if city planners get out of denial-- since investors pulled out, the "gateway" looks like Beirut; and hopefully everyone involved is learning from the ongoing real estate bubble.

The FerriesWanna' know more about the Ferries? <== Click thumbnail). Also, find more details at our new hospitality seriesOriginal Willoughby InnWilloughby Inn ==> Click thumbnail). In the tunnel traffic before exiting 64, you may catch a glimpse of Willoughby Inn briefly, Day's Inn, Hickey's, and prior to that: beloved Margaret's candy store, for some of us old friends, still called that. "But 'cha cain't get thar' from here!" as far as this exit goes, without following Bayville around to go left at 13th View: reverse the procedure if coming due west from Virginia Beach, to get to Willoughby Bay Marina. Well, not exactly. Storms took a toll and dear ol' Lance Garver included the Marina in the parcel of real estate currently under development. He kinda' earned a break for his decades on the Point.

Trails EndTRAIL'S END <== Click thumbnail for history on Trail's End & the Pirate's Den). Prior to tunnel/I-64 we took ferries, recall: pot-bellied stove, sardine-can ashtrays, peanut shells/old hardwood floor, sheep outside to trim the grass; ka-ching, bodda-bing go the endorphins! You're now in proximity with Rebel Marine Service, home of the Norfolk Rebel, a Tugantine"Tugantine" --tugboat powered by sails; (Click thumbnails at right & left imgs below) Capt. Lane Briggs' as a teenager, discovered the sea, where he worked his way to Capn Lanecaptain, then led his four sons.  Rebel Marine Service, is still in his son David's capable hands. Lane initiated the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race, and spearheaded the largest schooner event to keep schooner sailing alive on the Chesapeake Bay, raising money to save the bay. His generosity and charisma is known from Maine to the Keys, Lane? If you're watchin' Cap'n, we miss that smile between those beyootiful mutton chops,.

Down Bayville at the City Boat Ramp on Little (aka Willoughby) Bay, you might view a "Raft-Up", linking craft and good friends (see more of "The Wanderer"). On West Ocean View, the incongruous Dixie, an "inconvenience store" to some, yet they sell things you won't find at any 7-11 (a singular feat) in a nostalgic setting: like the unplanned color/fuzzies you'd get reading a string of Burma Shave signs in Mesozoic travels:  She shot a bullet-  through his hat- but he's had closer-  shaves than that- Burma Shave™

1957 Naval ReviewIn June 1957, the International Naval Review, celebrated the 350th anniversary of our nation's birth: we recall beaching at "11th Stop", seeing end-to-end the naval vessels on parade, aligned on Willoughby's horizon. In 1907, Sewells Point, was the site of the Jamestown Expedition (honoring the 1607 Jamestown founding's 300th anniversary). Today, from Willoughby's shoreline you can view the idyllic Thimble Shoal Lighthouse and the myriad of vessels that traverse the end of the Spit, over the submerged portion of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel.

Harrison's Pier was dreamlike for an evening walk, looking into buckets of anglers to see what's biting.  The place has an ethereal aura and until a decade ago or so, you could use the coin operated telescope: later, your kids could play video games --until Isabel got the pier.

Next door, an historic site: Griswold's, a hardware store, which was later Paul's. In the 50's, our Dad introduced us to it as Little's Dugout. We still have the prized "squeeze" coin purse (left), as you can see. Operated by Drewry Little, who appeared on The Tonite Show to "whine for his swine" at Johnny Carson over his bad press for insisting on keeping pet pig "Sweet Lips" in his Virginia Beach restaurant (Anchor Inn). When he left the View he often cursed the "ten cent millionaires" patronizing his new place, remorseful over leaving the Spit. Early 70's, Barry Johns took Little's over as The Thirsty Camel but until September 2003, it was run by Granby High pals, brothers Joe & Steve Radogna; (who  legend has it, on a caper with friends stole "Sweet Lips" --the legend goes, that they demanded ransom, and if ignored, they'd send Drury (one porkchop a week) while they served up shrimp & prime rib "like itwas going outta' style" for 30+ years.  Then they sold to the power couple, and it would never be home again. Isabel was one ill wind in 9/03 and much in Willoughby brought unwelcome changes. We will love them forever. We created a memory page for the Camel, and hope you enjoy. Please realize, space is limited from our hundreds of images, and included ones that translated best on the web. The Camel is syndicate owned now and we can't in all conscience condone your patronage there.

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