The Willoughby Inn Seafood Restaurant
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1534 West Ocean View Avenue  *  Norfolk, Virginia 23503  (757) 480-0226  Historic Willoughby Inn photos HERE!

Best Crabs in Hampton Roads!

We are a little community tucked away on the Chesapeake Bay.There are many interesting tales to be told about this delightful little place including the legend that it rose from the sea during a very bad hurricane in 1749. Of course, the tale goes that another storm could take it back to the sea, who knows? Storms are exciting and natural. When you live here you are very conscious of which way the wind blows, as we have survived many, many northeasters and hurricanes. 

We, Mary Lou and Bobby Lebby, have owned and operated the Willoughby Inn for more than a thirty five years, now.  We specialize in fresh seafood such as Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs and Soft-Shells but have many other sumptuous offerings as well.

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